About us

WB Staffing is an international Employment Agency

operating in the European market.

Why us?

  • We have been operating since 2013 and currently employ hundreds of employees.
  • We provide employees for all industries throughout the country.
  • Our team includes 15 people who deal with recruitment, legalization, coordination and HR matters.
  • We provide round-the-clock coordinating care, quick response to customer needs and support during cooperation.
  • We organize accommodation for employees and provide transport (including cars) on our own.
  • We recruit competent, responsible and hard-working people.
  • We offer annual permits, residence cards and all necessary documents allowing for long work and employee stay in Poland.

We employ a team of qualified specialists who will be able to support employers by responding to their current staffing needs. We are flexible towards the needs of our customers and we will adapt each offer to potential customers.

Our advisors cooperate with Academic Career Offices, Labor Offices, take part in numerous events in the HR industry and thus actively participate in building the Polish labor market. We help not only to activate the unemployed and hold meetings with students who are just starting their professional life, but we also look for new solutions for people who want to change their professional profile.

With us, you will build a competent and stable team and optimize employment costs. In temporary work, we employ employees on a contract of mandate and delegate them to work at the client's. Flexibility, punctuality and prestige are delivered in a package.

Price? We have one rule: our services cost enough to be of good quality. And not a penny more.



Interesujące wydarzenia i eventy z życia naszej firmy
  • Work for Filipinos

    Work for Filipinos has become an integral part of the global labor market. Their high productivity, professionalism, and dedication have made them highly valued workers in various industries worldwide.

    Filipinos are renowned for their language skills, especially in English-speaking regions, making them excellent candidates for roles in customer service, telecommunications, and outsourcing. Their patience, empathy, and problem-solving abilities make them ideal candidates for the jobs.

  • Workers from Asia

    If you are an employee from Asia and would like to join our team, we warmly welcome you. We believe that your skills and experience are valuable and can contribute to our collective success.

We have experience in industries

  • Food
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Building
  • Industrial
  • Automotive

We offer solutions in the area of

  • Production Outsourcing
  • Uskilled Workers
  • Skilled Workers
  • Accommodation
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